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ID Program Launched Successfully

The Charlottesville Area Community ID program got off to a very successful start on March 30. 73 people signed up to get their cards, which they'll receive within a week. Some people started lining up as early as 5 am to be sure they got in!

In addition to signing up for the card, applicants also heard from an organizer at Legal Aid Justice Center, from the Director of the County Police Dept. Victim Assistance program, and a leader of the Sin Barreras Latino support organization, about services they provide our community. The applicants told us they'll be very grateful to have our cards, and to feel more part of our community.

We'll be having ID drives (the events where we accept people's applications) the first Saturday of each month, starting May 4. The May and June ID drives will be held at New Beginnings Church, 1130 E. Market St.  More information on the ID program is available on this site.