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In March of 2017, then-Mayor Mike Signer invited a number of people to join a new task force dedicated to the goal of making our community as welcoming to all as possible. Two years earlier the City of Charlottesville had taken certain steps to be accepted into the Welcoming America network, which promotes the same goal nation-wide. Since 3/17, we have been meeting monthly to develop specific initiatives to help the community become more welcoming. The Task Force has no formal affiliation with either the City or County, but we maintain ongoing communications with elected and appointed officials of both municipalities.


As a nation, our diverse origins are and should be seen as a great strength. In the current political environment, we strongly reject demonization of and attacks against immigrants and minorities and will take peaceful measures to oppose such attacks. Given this situation, our mission is to create a welcoming community, one that:

1. provides tangible support for immigrants, refugees, and others who are at risk, and  

2. educates our residents about the needs and contributions of immigrants, refugees, and other minorities, especially those who are being vilified today.

Who We Are