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Welcoming Greater Charlottesville is a task force that formed in 2017 to support immigrants, refugees, and other groups that are being marginalized in today's political climate. One of our projects is to produce a film about immigrants and refugees. It is being created by Aaron Farrington, an experienced local filmmaker, with active assistance from Kari Miller and Priya Mahadevan.


The film includes interviews with several immigrants and refugees of different ages and backgrounds. The goal is to educate children and adults about people who came from other countries and cultures - to hear their stories, learn why they left their home country, and what life has been like for them since they arrived - their struggles, their successes, their contributions to our community. Short segments of the film will be shown to school children, and the longer version will be shown to community groups and the general public.


Please contact us if you would like to bring the movie to your school or organization. 


Points of Contact: Russ Linden, or John Schroll,

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